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Bentacos Information Technology and Services
Project Management, Website Development, Data Warehouse, Virtual Office, Infrastructure Security,
Interface Development, Social Media & Analytics, Mobile Application Design, Bills Payment, Virtual Office Services,
Training and Tutorial Services, Business Permit Registration and Business Consultancy.

Digital transformation service of Bentacos offers ever more business possibilities. Take advantage of this development and adjust your IT to seamlessly converge with your business objectives.


Systems engineering is in a state of constant change – but we can filter the key developments for you so your company can take advantage of relevant trends sooner rather than later.


Bentacos IT Services offers tailored, economical IT sourcing solutions. From simple support agreements to managed services and IT as a service solutions from our own data centre.


Sustainable IT support for your field and your core competencies guarantees simpler processes and efficiency gains. This supports your company strategy, sustainably and efficiently.


Bentacos specialized in creating websites, apps or controlling the operating systems. With our experience, we can improve and make your digital solutions faster. That makes Benatcos one of the top IT company who offers this kind of services

Tech Support

Our technical support from Bentacos are all professional and we will be trying to solve your issues or problems on your business.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse is very important to have a strategy and an overview of your clients. Bentacos can help and realized data warehouse to your digital solution.


We are going to analyse your requirements and give you the plan estimation.


We are going to plan the stakeholder and project team member to realized your project.


Our team will implement your digital solution.


Our team will test the implementation to give you good qualities about your digital solution.


Our team will help you to going live with your digital solution.

Do you have an idea and you want to bring it in reality?

Our team and our experience will help you to bring your digital solution in reality.

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